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Located in Wellington, serving North Central and North Eastern Ohio.


Residential and Commercial Landscaping


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This major landscaping project was installed around a newly built home with no landscaping.
We worked closely with the home owner step-by-step to make sure they were completely satisfied with every aspect of the project.


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 McDonald's Before Here are before and after pictures of a portion of our Wellington McDonald's project.
This project included installation of a small paver walkway, installation of new landscape beds around new exit, repairing of a paver patio, mulching of all beds, weeding, pruning, reshaping and edging of beds and installation of new lawn in place of removed entrance.
1Knoble1at We have combined natural and manufactured materials to build wall accents for landscape beds. This wall was constructed using Unilock Brussels Dimensional Block around a granite boulder with the address carved into it for the residence.
Walkways and Patios
Gattenbefore1t Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone, Sierra color, with a natural sandstone inlay. Gattenafter1t
Littleafter1t A 15' radius half circle, with a accent retaining wall, with room for a small bed between the patio and wall. The patio was built using Unilock Camelot pavers, coffee creek color. The accent wall was built using Unilock Brussels Dimensional Block, coffee creek color.
1Clark1t A sidewalk expansion constructed using Unilock Stonehenge pavers.
A curved front patio connected to the above sidewalk. A front door landing and steps were constructed using Unilock Pisa 2 retaining wall block and Unilock Stonehenge pavers.
Using Unilock Olde Greenwich Cobble pavers, a curved barbeque grill extension was added to an existing concrete patio.
A curved picnic table extension to the same existing patio constructed with the same paver style and pattern.
zarlinga1beforet These are before and after pictures of a project in which we constructed a walkway using Unilock Hollandstone pavers. bflzarlingaafter2t bflzarlingaafter1t
Retaining Walls
Pack3t These retaining walls were built in existing landscaping around an underground home.  The work was done by hand using Unilock Pisa 2 retaining wall blocks.
The wall to the right was four (4) feet tall by eight (8) feet long. The wall to the left was eight (8) feet tall by twelve (12) feet long.
Both walls were designed and built to prevent major soil erosion around this home.


Natural Material Hardscapes
Swope1t We also utilize various natural materials when specified by the homeowner. These are before and after pictures of a back door ramp using compacted 411 base, boulders, soil and grass seeding.
The homeowner requested a ramp that is reminiscent of an old bank barn ramp.
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Occonorfencet We install many different types of agricultural and residential fencing. The fence to the left is horse fence constructed using 5 strands of 1.5 inch electric horse tape.
To the right, we installed four (4) inch by eight (8) foot treated fence posts for this customer to attach wooden planks to build this rough-cut rustic fence.